Scituate Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) is committed to provide the youth of our community with the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of soccer while developing their physical, social and emotional well being.

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Scituate, RI
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  • To take SYSA’s competitive soccer program to “the next level” through the implementation of an ongoing coach training and player development.


SYSA’s Competitive Soccer Program is focused on the development of individual players and the advancement of those players to their highest level of play. Ongoing training for coaches and players will help SYSA achieve its goals. Stronger players result in stronger teams, which leads to a stronger competitive program. By embracing this philosophy, SYSA will also develop a better feeder system for our middle school and high school teams.
Objectives of Player and Coach Development Program:

  1. Improve player skills, team accomplishments and overall “soccer IQ”

  2. Improve the quality of competitive practices and games

  3. Improve overall coaching ability

  4. Improve the enthusiasm of players and coaches

  5. Insure that gifted and committed players are given every opportunity to advance to the their highest level of play

Action Steps:

  1. Provide initial and ongoing training for SYSA competitive coaches

  2. Provide instructional practice sessions throughout the competitive season

  3. Consult with coaches throughout the season during practices and games

  4. Provide age-specific player clinics and scrimmages on a weekly basis throughout the summer for all interested players and coaches

  5. Coordinate and oversee tryouts for Competitive Teams

  6. Assist coaches in encouraging gifted players to seek out competitive experiences, which will further develop their skills, such as ODP and Premier Teams

If you have any additional Questions please contact the SYSA Competitive Coordinator