Scituate Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) is committed to provide the youth of our community with the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of soccer while developing their physical, social and emotional well being.

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Scituate, RI
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  • In keeping with state and national guidelines, the competitive age cut off date is August 1st.


Ideally, all players should play in their appropriate age groups based on the August 1st cut-off date. However, because SYSA does not have the large player pools that other associations have, it is occasionally necessary to move players up to the next age group in order to complement a competitive team. Therefore, the Competitive Committee developed the following guidelines regarding player move-ups.

Move-Up Guidelines

  1. The child’s parents must agree, in writing, that the move-up is in the best interest of their child. The parents should address in their letter that it is their sincere feeling their child is physically and mentally capable of handling this move-up.

  2. The Coach of the team that the child is moving up to must concur in writing with the parents request that the child is capable, both physically and mentally, of playing at this level.

  3. The parent’s and coach’s written move-up request must be submitted to the Competitive Committee for consideration.

  4. The child must attend the tryouts for the team they would like to move up to. Since no move-up is guaranteed in advance, it is also recommended that the child also attend the age-appropriate tryouts.

  5. A good rule of thumb to use in deciding whether a move-up is appropriate is whether the child would rank in the top third of the team he or she is joining. If not, it would probably be in the best interest of the child to keep the child in the age-appropriate group.

  6. The Competitive Committee will review each move-up request and make a recommendation to the Board. SYSA Board shall vote to APROVE/REJECT request.

  7. The Competitive Committee reserves the right to move a player up in the absence of some of these criteria if it is determined that the move-up is in the best interest of the child and the team. However, this would not be done without the parents and coach’s consent.

  8. A parent has the right to appeal any decision by the Competitive Committee to the SYSA Board.

If you have any additional Questions please contact the SYSA Competitive Coordinator