Scituate Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) is committed to provide the youth of our community with the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of soccer while developing their physical, social and emotional well being.

Sponsored By:   Rhino Tile
Scituate, RI
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All SYSA Coaches should abide by the following: 

  1. Lead by example in the promotion of good sportsmanship

  2. Demand good sportsmanship from your players and parents

  3. Show respect for the officials at all times. Do not tolerate displays of dissent by my assistants, my players, myself or the parents. Do not tolerate abusive language or gestures toward the officials

  4. The use of profanity is strictly forbidden!!! 

  5. The use of alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled substances is strictly forbidden!!!!

  6. Show respect for the players, coaches and fans of both teams.

  7. Recognize the importance of your behavior at the games. Harsh criticism of the referee sets a poor example for players, spectators and parents.

  8. Teach the rules of the game to your players and play within the spirit of those rules. Do not teach or allow the players to break the rules as a form of intimidation or to gain an advantage.

  9. Do not allow or encourage a player to injure a player intentionally.

  10. Never allow a player to fake an injury!!!

  11. Do not incite the spectators. Always encourage good sportsmanship from your fans.

  12. Strive to have your team leave the game with a feeling of respect for themselves, their opponents and the officials.

  13. Encourage the players to play for enjoyment. Winning is only part of the game.

  14. Never, Never ridicule or yell at players for making mistakes or for losing a competition.

  15. Recognize that you are only an assistant to the great game of soccer try your best to convey the values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play, creativity and beauty, all qualities that are essential parts of the game

    If you have any additional Questions please contact the SYSA Coaching Coordinator