Scituate Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) is committed to provide the youth of our community with the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of soccer while developing their physical, social and emotional well being.

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Scituate, RI
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SYSA Referee Coordinator

SYSA’s has a Board position entitled "Rules, Regulations and Referee Coordinator", who will respond to any concerns in this area. If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the SYSA Board of Officers list for the individual to call.

How to Treat the Referee during a Game

Treat the referee with respect at all times

  • Never question the referee about a call during the game

  • Discuss concerns calmly at half-time or after the game

How to Handle Problems

  • Coaches should speak to the Referee AFTER the game if they have any questions

  • Fall Soccer

    • Contact the SYSA Referee Coordinator if you have any problems or complaints regarding a particular referee

  • Competitive Soccer

  • Send a written report to the State Referee Coordinator if you have any serious complaints or concerns. A copy of that report should also be sent to the SYSA Spring Coordinator

If you have any additional Questions please contact the SYSA Referee Coordinator